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PlantPure Radio
62 min2016 AUG 17
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Amy Johnson and Lee discuss her health problems and how they were alleviated by her adoption of a plant-based diet.  They also discuss the foundation of Amy’s PlantPure Nation Pod, website, and Facebook page, as well as how rapidly they’ve grown.  Amy also shares the personal satisfaction she gets from working with individuals as a food coach, how her dietary change has had a positive impact on her extended family, and her belief that the message of plant-based nutrition is spreading in America in a way that can’t be rolled back.

Amy Johnson is a PlantPure Pod leader in Frisco, Texas.  Just a few years ago, she was obese and suffered from a serious health condition.  She has now shed 50 pounds and is off all her medications.  In addition to her pod, Amy has her own Facebook page called “Mrs. Plantintexas” with close to 3000 followers and a website that’s amassed over 140,000 hits from all over the world.