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Psychology and You

Dr. Howard Gurr and Dr. Richard Lustberg

Psychology and You
--2011 DEC 12
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Today’s podcast, Mind-body Health and Young Children, is a conversation between Dr. Howard Gurr and Dr. Ilana Palgi, regarding mind body health and young children. Dr. Palgi discusses her use of yoga with young children and the program she developed for use in pre-schools and primary grade programs. Dr. Ilana Palgi is a Licensed Psychologist and New York State Certified School Psychologist working at The Kramer learning Center in New York and she also has a private practice with children, adults, and families in Manhattan. Dr. Palgi is a registered yoga teacher. Dr. Palgi’s past research was on the development of self-regulation in early childhood and she studied the impact of yoga in children with special needs through a Participatory Action Research study. In addition, she has several years of experience creating and implementing preschool yoga programs for children with special needs and those on a typical course of development. Dr. Palgi can be contacted by telephone 917-502-3749, email her at drpalgi@gmail.com, or you can learn more about her program at her website: www.growingchildyoga.com.