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Raw Talk with Sheena

Sheena Mannina

Raw Talk with Sheena
75 min2018 AUG 15
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Sheena has a conversation with Mark Malinsky, the creator of Sprout Living — Sheena and Raw Republic’s favorite protein brand. Mark gives insight to what it looks like to have begun a high quality line of products and the personal challenges and questions that have arisen over the business lifetime. The discussion also covers:

+ How other companies hide questionable ingredients under ‘natural flavors’ or gums in their ingredient lists
+ What are ‘gums’, how are they made, and what do other companies use them for
+ Processed vs Unprocessed products
+ Balancing intentionality and action in running a business
+ Insight into small business ins and outs
+ The process of creating a new product
+ How you don’t have to do everything to have a successful business

To find out more about and to purchase products from Sprout Living, visit https://www.sproutliving.com?partners=47.

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