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Relentless with Damien Bugeja

Damien Bugeja

Relentless with Damien Bugeja
66 min2019 FEB 28
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"I am addicted to my craft". James shares his journey on being an Italian Comedic and being addicted to the craft he loves so much. Through this episode we discuss how James found his passion at an early age, after spending years watching his dad perform as an Italian Comedic. We also talk about the hardships and struggles of rejection, being in such a dynamic industry and trying to make it as an actor in such a niche market. James shares his strategies to overcome these struggles and identifies the passion and drive he has to continuously get better and strive to deliver a product that entertains and satisfies people. James, is part of the dynamic duo Pippo and Pasquale, stars in the theatre show Wild Wogs and works as a radio host and an MC. Real and authentic, James shows why many adoring fans love his funny nature and describes this as part of the reason he will continue to push the boundaries in comedy for the rest of his life.

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