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Restore Your Core: Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Talks

Lauren Ohayon

Restore Your Core: Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor Talks
6 minAPR 25
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The primary method of healing a diastasis recti and closing the abdominal separation is rehab and a core building program that is specific for those with a diastasis recti. The exercises in these programs are specialized to restore core function and strengthen the linea alba.

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A diastasis recti naturally occurs during pregnancy. As the womb grows, the rectus abdominis and core muscles stretch and shift in order to make room for your growing uterus. There are several ways to help prevent your chances of a diastasis recti setting in postpartum. Below are a few exercises that you can practice in various stages of your pregnancy in order to help your muscles retain strength after you give birth.

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