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Spine & Nerve podcast

Spine & Nerve podcast

Spine & Nerve podcast
24 MINJUN 13
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In this week's episode of the Spine & Nerve podcast, Dr. Brian Joves and Dr. Nicolas Karvelas discuss a couple recent articles involving the use of platelet rich plasma to treat spine pathology.

Listen as the docs summarize and discuss this orthobiologics and the cutting edge use in the spine.

Please see References section below for the articles discussed in today's podcast.

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This podcast is for information and educational purposes only, it is not meant to be medical advice. If anything discussed may pertain to you, please seek council with your healthcare provider. The views expressed are those of the individuals expressing them, they may not represent the views of Spine & Nerve.

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Treatment of symptomatic degenerative intervertebral discs with autologous platelet-rich plasma: follow-up at 5–9 years. Cheng et al. Regenerative Medicine. Aug 2019.