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Straight-Up Wellness

Kate Bay Jaramillo

Straight-Up Wellness
35 minJUL 27
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In this episode, Carole Fehrman talks about reducing toxins in our food and personal care products:

* Carol's toxin-free journey

* Changing her life through food

* Organic Paleo diet

* Introducing whole food nutrition to children

* Carol's gut issues

* Synthetic fragrance chemicals

* The "new second-hand smoke"

* Parabens in body products

* EWG (Environmental Working Group)

* Other names for parabens

* Phthalates in body products, toothpaste

* Natural perfume lines

* Essential oils

* Regulations in beauty industry

* Greenwashing

* What it actually means to be labeled "natural"

* Body burden

* Toxic load being passed in utero

* Toxin Black List

* DIY cleaners

* Dirty Dozen and Clean 15

* How to clean non-organic produce

* Step 1 to eliminate toxins

* Natural Mama Collective

* Know better, do better