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Straight-Up Wellness

Kate Bay Jaramillo

Straight-Up Wellness
36 minJUN 29
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In this episode, Sarah Clark talks about overcoming infertility and getting pregnant naturally:

* Infertility statistics

* Sarah's infertility journey

* POF - Premature Ovarian Failure

* PMS and pregnancy symptoms

* Fertility treatment success rates

* Over-recommending IVF

* Unknown food sensitivities and toxic exposure

* Stress and infertility

* Functional medicine

* Looking at all aspects of the body

* Coaching couples together

* Elimination diet

* Food sensitivity testing

* Zoomer panel

* Delayed food sensitivities

* Importance of honing in on diet

* Infertility as a sign that the body is trying to protect itself

* Gut health passed down for generations

* Both male and female partners preparing for baby

* DUTCH test for hormone levels

* Low melatonin levels and gut infection

* Stool testing for gut health

* Stressors that impact fertility

* Hair tissue mineral analysis health

* How birth control affects fertility

* Crazy side effects of birth control

* Fertility Friday podcast

* Fertility monitors

* Addressing autoimmune disease before fertility

* AIP diet success in recovering from autoimmune

* Finding and following Sarah

* Addressing mindset for fertility success

* Doing things to prioritize joy

* Mindfully washing your hands

* Educating those around you how to handle your own feelings of infertility