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Straight-Up Wellness

Kate Bay Jaramillo

Straight-Up Wellness
42 minJUN 1
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In this episode, Kathleen Trotter talks about taking control of your fitness and avoiding self-sabotage:

* Thriving in our own lane

* Finding your consistency

* Kathleen's story

* Self-sabotage

* There's always a solution

* Movement as a non-negotiable

* Tweak fitness as you go

* Just start

* Putting "yet" after every sentence

* Strengthen through injuries

* Motivation is an emotion

* Brain's present bias

* Self-talk that works for you

* Take control of the moment

* Snowballing self-sabotage

* Compassionate curiosity

* Difference between guilt and shame

* Parenting ourselves

* Approaching everything with a growth mindset

* Multidimensional benefits of exercise

* Building character through habit

* Creating systems for consistent movement

* Getting a FREE copy of Kathleen's book