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Straight-Up Wellness

Kate Bay Jaramillo

Straight-Up Wellness
27 minJUN 15
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In this episode, Robby Barbaro talks about nutrition as key for diabetes management:

* Robby's Type-1 Diabetes diagnosis

* Defining Type-1 Diabetes

* Symptoms of T1D

* Learning new lifestyle symptoms

* Monitoring and testing life

* High fruit intake and lower need for insulin

* Cause of insulin resistance

* Eliminating insulin resistance

* 5 types of good carbs: fruits, starchy vegetables, bean, lentils, whole grains

* What happens when combining high carb and high fat

* Food timing and insulin injections

* Consistency of diabetes regulation

* Typical day of eating for Robby

* Nutrition as key for diabetes management

* One simple change to make right now

* Organic and seasonal foods