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Straight-Up Wellness

Kate Bay Jaramillo

Straight-Up Wellness
34 minJUL 13
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In this episode, Dr. Lanae Mullane talks about nutrition, movement, and sleep:

* Vejo

* Nutrition's role in stress management

* Changing form of food changes nutritional value

* How to prepare and store food to get the biggest benefit

* Soil's importance of maintaining micronutrients

* How crops and soil have changed throughout the years

* Foods to boost mood and manage stress

* Individuality of nutrition

* Balance blood sugar to stabilize mood

* Restorative sleep

* Hormone balancing

* Movement for immune health

* 7-minute workouts

* Is red wine really heart healthy

* Alcohol and personal goals

* Stress-relieving techniques

* Biofeedback

* Correct and incorrect breathing techniques

* Prioritizing social connection

* Disconnecting from technology

* Vitamin D

* Physiological stresses

* Stress is a good thing when we need it

* Ideal range for hours of sleep

* Best practices to create a sleep routine

* Herbs that can prepare the body for sleep

* Progressive muscle relaxation

* The body loves routine

* Bed is for intimacy and sleep

* Caffeine timing and intake

* Nutrients to wake up and focus

* Stress techniques for moms