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Straight-Up Wellness

Kate Bay Jaramillo

Straight-Up Wellness
44 minJUN 22
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In this episode, Cynthia Cummins talks about creating sanctuary within the home:

* Cynthia's journey to mindfulness

* Home as a sanctuary

* Using space intentionally

* Overwhelm leading to neurosis

* The house as a symbol for the mind

* "Operating Instructions" book

* Creating a calm space

* Importance of physical touch

* Hugging yourself when you're alone

* Kondo Method and Feng Shui for spiritual wellness in home

* Balancing being over-organized

* Kids in the kitchen

* Spiritual practice in the kitchen

* Focusing on tasks without distraction and with intention

* Creating family rituals

* Importance of each person in the home having a calm, quiet space

* Distancing from electronics

* The space within ourselves

* Finding and connecting with Cynthia