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Straight-Up Wellness

Kate Bay Jaramillo

Straight-Up Wellness
54 minJUN 8
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In this episode, Matt Maruca talks about the critical role of sunlight to our health:

* Matt's health journey

* Methods to enhance mitochondrial function

* Outdoor lifestyle curing his issues

* Light as the main controller of hormones

* Sensitivity to blue light

* Light regulating metabolism

* Blue light and cortisol

* Infrared essential for mitochondrial function

* Sunlight and skin cancer

* Sun as the base of the food chain

* Why we're always breathing

* How our bodies make water

* Efficacy of exogenous vitamin D

* The Light Diet

* Epigenetics

* The foreign bacteria that makes up our bodies

* Main controller of mitochondrial function

* The amount of sunlight we need daily

* Eye is the most important surface for light

* Most important time of day for sunlight exposure

* Importance of watching the sunrise and set

* Sungazing

* Going to sleep with the sun

* How blue light blocking glasses work

* Getting light exposure when it's cloudy

* Campfires and infrared saunas

* Benefits of cold exposure

* Reducing Seasonal Affective Disorder

* Looking directly at the sun

* Blocking blue light in the evening

* 8 steps of the Light Diet

* Cultivating the inner light