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Talking Brains

Stephanie Sarkis PhD

Talking Brains
19 MINMAR 15
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As a parent, you are probably feeling a variety of emotions right now about the coronavirus pandemic — anxiety, fear, anger, burnout, confusion, and an overwhelming sense of chaos.  We are in the midst of an event that many have not seen in our lifetimes.  On top of that, your kids' school has just been canceled for two weeks.  You may have been asked to work from home, or maybe you need to continue at your job while your kids are out of school.  On top of that, you want to keep you and your kids healthy and safe.   It's a lot to handle at once.  Learn how to maintain some sense of normalcy and answer your kids questions about this pandemic.  I'm an American Mental Health Counselors Association Clinical Specialist in Child and Adolescent Counseling with over 20 years experience counseling children and their parents during crisis.  I'll tell you what I know helps.  Dr. Stephanie Sarkis is the host of Talking Brains.  www.stephaniesarkis.com