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TeTe & Espresso
1 min2019 APR 3
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Almmmmmmm (amp energy) I intend to end this day feeling grrrreeeeat...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso podcast, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. Use this powerful formula of stillness and go mode.

I am on my butt 2 times a day, and on my knees 2 times a day. I found the treasure........Meditating 2 times a day gives us both the peace, where we find the voice of the universe, and intention and attention, where we communicate back to the universe. I get on my knees for 2 minutes, twice a day, to duplicate the same affect... You have it now, in less than 1 minute. A key..One of the keys. I made a copy for you. For free. Welllll Your only payment to me is...to use it. 

I use the key the TeTe gave me. You use the key that TeTe gave you. We use the key that TeTe gave us...Can we discover something that has always been there? It’s not mine. It’s ours..Yours, mine, the Universe’s. All of our...We take time to be in peace....We take time to talk to the universe, or God, and describe exactly what we intent for our days, life, health, success goals, everything. We follow this process together. We strengthen each other. This is how we fin heaven together. Peace and Intention. Peace and Intention. Peace and Intention.