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2 min2019 APR 15
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I believe in you little one...Welcome to TeTe & Espresso, a CastBox original, I’m TeTe. You are such a capable person...

And did you know that your intelligence can, and should, grow the older you get? People think it is like the human body, where even the most marble statue body builder will eventually turn into skin and bones. The mind will grow more sharp, if you train it to be... There is no one like you in the entire planet...Tap into you, the you that no one is like. Tap into the information around you that will help you expand on your mind. I am reading a book on Leonardo DeVinci, and believe me, from his mouth, we can grow all we want.

I am all I want. You are a genius. Our intelligence grows every day. We want it to grow. Facts are facts, genes are genes, and did you know if you took the IQ test, then studied and trained to take it again, you, based on research and proven results, will get a significantly higher IQ score the next time??? Wow... You are all you want to be. Everything you desire is inside of you. We are meant for such big things. Believe in yourself lovely. You are the hope of the world, waiting to be expressed. I will follow you, as I believe in myself. You are my world.