The Enoughness Revolution: Life, Work, + Love

Megan Hale, MA, BCC

The Enoughness Revolution: Life, Work, + Love
18 MIN2016 DIC. 22
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It's Transformational Thursday, you guys!

Today, I'm sharing a personal story of irony as it relates to joy as well as some recent epiphanies that I think will not only make you laugh, but also give you several powerful concepts to resonate on in your own life.

First and foremost, I'm sharing how some of our biggest heartbreaks can be our biggest teachers, how certain desires can end up catching us if we slow down long enough for them to catch up, and the true meaning behind the word en-joy (hint: it's SO obvious).




Talk soon for another Motivation Monday in a few days and if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas!!  And if you celebrate another holiday, then Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Yule (even though it was yesterday), or Happy Holidays in general!


P.S.  I actually went to my first Yule celebration at First UU of San Antonio this past weekend.  I'll be blogging about it soon!


Love to you and yours!


Always <3