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The GenderGP Podcast

The GenderGP Podcast

The GenderGP Podcast
64 minJUN 5
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Dr Michelle Telfer, Associate Professor and Paediatrician at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, joins Dr Helen and Marianne to talk about Australia’s approach to the treatment of trans youth.

Together they discuss the vital importance of affirmative treatment in achieving positive outcomes for this group of individuals, as well as the groundbreaking work that went into the production of the world’s first set of clinical guidelines for the treatment of transgender adolescence: The Australian Standards of Care in 2018.

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Twitter: @michelle_telfer

Australian Standards of Care and Treatment Guidelines for Trans and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents

The Lancet - Michelle Telfer Article


The GenderGP Podcast

Redefining the treatment of Trans Youth - Michelle Telfer: The GenderGP Podcast S5 E7


Hello, this is Dr Helen Webberley. Welcome to our GenderGP Podcast, where we will be discussing some of the issues affecting the trans and non-binary community in the world today, together with my co-host Marianne Oakes, a trans woman herself, and our head of therapy.


Dr Helen Webberley:

So good morning, everybody, well, it’s early morning for us, and it's a bit late afternoon for our guest today. So, I'm really excited. I'm with Marianne today. I'm always really excited, but today we have Michelle Telfer with us. Michelle is a paediatrician and doctor in Australia, and she does a lot of work with trans children. And as always, I'll hand over to you Michelle, to introduce yourself and tell us who you are, what you do, how you ended up doing this line of work everything about you, so over to you to introduce yourself.

Dr Michelle Telfer:

Thanks, Helen. I don’t think you want to know everything about me, but I am Michelle Telfer. I'm a paediatrician and adolescent physician, and I work at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, in Australia. And I'm the director of the department of adolescent medicine. And within that department, I’m also the director of the RCH gender service, which is a service that's grown over the last 17 years to now be a team of approximately 16 people that look after trans, gender diverse, and nonbinary young people from about the age of three up until—we accept referrals up to the age of 17, but we do provide care until we can transition young people into adult help service services around early adulthood. Gosh, talking about everything that everything about me—I was actually born in Perth, which is across the other side of the country in Western Australia, it's actually the most isolated, one of the most isolated cities in the world, and moved to Melbourne after I finished university in 2001. Actually, moved in 2002, but around a long time ago anyway, and have been at the Royal Children’s Hospital here since 2003. So, I am a, what they call a Melburnian, but also claim to be West Australian as well. I have shoes in both camps, so to speak.

Dr Helen Webberley:

Thank you. Brilliant. So, and so, so you, you said 17 years ago and that's when you joined,