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The GenderGP Podcast

The GenderGP Podcast

The GenderGP Podcast
54 minJUN 24
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In this episode of the GenderGP podcast, journalist - and latest GenderGP team member - Taryn De Vere talks about her experiences of her daughter coming out as trans and how it ignited her passion for activism and her support for the trans community. Together she and our GenderGP co-hosts discuss the importance of education and supporting your trans child.

If you have been affected by any of the topics discussed in our podcast, and would like to get in touch, please contact us via the Help Centre. You can also contact us on social media where you will find us at @GenderGP on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Twitter: @taryndevere

Independent article: https://www.independent.ie/life/health-wellbeing/im-a-proud-mum-to-a-transgender-child-39061549.html

Pride post: https://www.gendergp.com/how-to-celebrate-trans-pride-in-lockdown/

Taryn De Vere Jewellery: https://taryndevere.com


The GenderGP Podcast

What we can learn from trans kids - Taryn DeVere: The GenderGP Podcast S5 E8


Hello, this is Dr Helen Webberley. Welcome to our GenderGP Podcast, where we will be discussing some of the issues affecting the trans and non-binary community in the world today, together with my co-host Marianne Oakes, a trans woman herself, and our head of therapy.


Dr Helen Webberley:

We have another amazing guest today. We have Taryn De Vere with us. And Taryn has two places in my heart. She has recently joined GenderGP as our social media manager, and we needed to take on somebody bright and colourful to help with the queries and questions that were coming into social media, and also someone to kind of spread our word and spread the words of the community on behalf of GenderGP. So, welcome to the team, Taryn, and welcome to our podcast today. I shall, as I usually do, let you introduce yourself and tell everybody exactly who you are, why you might possibly be here, and all about you. Over to you.

Taryn De Vere:

Thanks. So yeah. I'm Taryn De Vere. I live in Ireland, but I'm originally from Australia. And I have a child who identifies as trans, a young child who came out to me when she was at about five. And that kind of started me on the whole journey of learning all about—perhaps I didn't have friends who were trans before, and I did understand some of the issues relating to trans people, and it was actually my knowledge that came to the fore at that time because my daughter said to me in the car do all women have vulvas, and my instinctual response was yes, and then I said, “Oh hang on a sec. No, trans women. So no, trans women don't have vulvas. And she said, "Well, what's a trans woman?” and I started talking to her explaining and then she said, “That’s me. I'm a trans girl.” and I said, “Oh okay.” so that that was the starting point for it all you know that moment and then now we're a few years on you know in our story and so I just obviously, I would have been interested in trans rights before but not as passionately as when you have a child, you suddenly just get really thrown into it. And so I've become extremely involved in the trans rights movement and particularly with trans kids.

Dr Helen Webberley:

Yeah. So I haven't really obvious question rolling off my tongue which I'm guessing other people might have too. Did you know before that time in the car?