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Wellnesspass "Longevity & rejuvenation"


Wellnesspass "Longevity & rejuvenation"
11 MIN2019 NOV 10
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Hi everyone!,
Its Wellnesspass.

I made this episode because I felt that I slightly weakend, because of the struggle that I lived with my eyes allergy, and you know that I used cortisone drops for long years and once I decided to follow the macrobiotic way of life my eyes improved a lot and I could decrease the intake of cortisone but still that needs longer time to overcome my allergy that sustained now more than 10 years.

In this episode:

- Healing needs time patience and work.
- I can resist now more than 3 months without cortisone drops.
- I live the consequences of using cortisone drops.
- I will continue fighting.
- How I'm building my immunity.
- The ideal diet!.
- Limit your oils and fats.
- The environment around you.

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Twitter : wellnesspass25

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