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Wellnesspass "Longevity & rejuvenation"


Wellnesspass "Longevity & rejuvenation"
11 MIN2019 OCT 18
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Hi everyone!,

It is Wellnesspass.

In this episode, I talked why I don't drink coffee , and how shifting to whole grains, beans and vegetables helped me to overcome coffee craving.You will know the reasons why coffee is not for the daily use, and why it is to be used occasionally only and in extreme cases, and how coffee promotes for series diseases. In this episode you will know that their is much calmer and smoother energy source than coffee, and more.

In this episode:

- I don't drink coffee!.
- Active and separating energy of Macrobiotic breakfast.
- liquids what enables us to be energized.
- Aligning with nature.
- Coffee stimulant effect.
- Diseases that coffee drinkers at risk of developing it.
- Withdrawal from coffee.

Connect with Wellnesspass:

Email : wellnesspass25@gmail.com

Instagram : Instagram.com/wellnesspass_

Twitter : wellnesspass25

Short Ebook : " The Healing Journey With Macrobiotic Diet"