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The Cycle. Endometriosis Podcast

The Cycle. Endometriosis podca

The Cycle. Endometriosis Podcast
52 min2020 SEP 5
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Dani started her period at 15 years old, she had mild cramps growing up but did not really experience endo pain until she was in her late 20s. But when it came on, she was not sure what was wrong and was misdiagnosed several times before she found out she had Endo. She was told she may have ovarian cancer and needed to have surgery quickly for a 7cm cyst that grew quickly.  We believe she had an ablation surgery* for stage IV endo in September of 2019 and she remains almost pain-free today. 
*excision is the gold standard for treatment vs ablation
Listen to the rest of her journey.
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