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The Cycle. Endometriosis Podcast

The Cycle. Endometriosis podca

The Cycle. Endometriosis Podcast
61 min2020 OCT 30
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Mara is 36 years old from WI.  She had heavy and long periods starting at 15 years old, at 17 years old she had her first GYN appointment where she was put on Birth Control which helped reduce her cramps, but as years went on in her twenties she began to have increased symptoms such as large blot clots, back pain, pain that felt like contractions and GI symptoms.    At 26 she was googling and self-diagnosed with endo... about 6 weeks out from her wedding, 3 weeks before she got married she had surgery! She had back surgery and post-surgery she had bladder retention one month after surgery due to the inflammation of her uterus.  Over the next 10 years, she had surgery, changed her diet, and was diagnosed with Adeno.  Listen to the rest of her journey on the show. Want to keep the conversation going?   Join our Facebook Group: tiny.cc/7mpbnz Thank you for listening and supporting this podcast.  We need awareness about this disease. If you want to be on the podcast or have feedback please reach out via my website www.melissaboudreau.com.  Thank you for your support and time. Please consider subscribing and writing us a review on Apple podcasts it really helps us get more awareness and with guests agreeing to come on! You can do that here! http://tiny.cc/f74onz