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The Cycle. Endometriosis Podcast

The Cycle. Endometriosis podca

The Cycle. Endometriosis Podcast
22 min2020 DEC 18
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Elva from episode 25 joins me with an acronym to help us remember the best ways to take care of ourselves this holiday season. H-Help O- Organized L- Let GO I- Inform D- Diet A- Anxiety Y- Year Listen in where we chat about tips that have helped us during the holiday season. Want to keep the conversation going? Join our Facebook Group: tiny.cc/7mpbnz Want to watch it on YouTube? http://tiny.cc/6cx6tz Thank you for listening and supporting this podcast. We need awareness about this disease. If you want to be on the podcast or have feedback please reach out via my website www.melissaboudreau.com. Thank you for your support and time. Please consider subscribing and writing us a review on Apple podcasts it really helps us get more awareness and with guests agreeing to come on! You can do that here! http://tiny.cc/f74onz