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Conflicted: A History Podcast
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The Prophet is dead. In 632 AD, the armies of Islam explode out of Arabia, led by a series of aggressive new Caliphs. The Prophet’s young widow Aisha struggles to understand her new role as “Mother of the Faithful”. Meanwhile, Ali, snubbed for the title of Caliph, grapples with his conflicting feelings of bitterness and commitment to the stability of the Muslim community. All the while, an ambitious new rival, Muawiya, schemes and cajoles his way to absolute control over the new Islamic Empire.

Aisha – The Prophet’s widow. “Mother of the Faithful”. Brave, jealous, and calculating.
Muawiya – Rising star. “Son of the Liver Eater." A master politician, ruthless and cunning. 
Ali – The Prophet’s son-in-law. “Lion of God”. The Fourth Caliph. 
Abu Bakr – Aisha’s father; The Prophet’s oldest friend. The First Caliph. 
Umar – Hothead, bruiser, warlord; The Second Caliph. 
Uthman – “He of the Two Lights”; Corrupt and controversial. The Third Caliph.
Muhammed – The Prophet. A merchant-turned-messenger from God. 
Fatima – Wife of Ali. Daughter of Muhammed. Mother to Hussein.
Hussein – Grandson of the Prophet. Murdered at Karbala. Martyr of the Shi’a faith.

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