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Context with Brad Harris

Brad Harris, Historian

Context with Brad Harris
42 MIN2019 JUL 30
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I’m happy to deliver another bonus episode to you today; my conversation with historian of science Robert Proctor from Stanford University.  

Robert was my PhD advisor while I was at Stanford.  He’s a unique thinker and has produced some brilliant scholarship on the history of science, scientific controversy, and constructions of ignorance.  His books include Cancer Wars: How Politics Shapes What We Know About Cancer, The Nazi War on Cancer, Golden Holocaust: Origins of the Cigarette Catastrophe and the Case for Abolition, and Packaged Pleasures: How Technology and Marketing Revolutionized Desire.  I hope to discuss at least one of these books on the show at some point.  

In this conversation, we talk about the intersection between political and scientific belief, how the tobacco industry wrote the playbook on manufacturing scientific doubt, and how ignorance is at least as important as knowledge in the history of the modern world.   

Thank you for making Context possible.  I hope you enjoy!