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Hunter-Gatherers Podcast

Hunter-Gatherers Podcast

Hunter-Gatherers Podcast
22 minJAN 20
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What was HST like as a first-time author?

Margaret Harrell was Hunter S. Thompson's trusted copy editor for his first book, "Hells Angels," published by Random House in 1967. During that time, she was the assistant editor to Jim Silverman (at Random House)and worked on the books of several renown authors, including John Irving, Richard Farina, Chet Huntley(of The Huntley-Brinkley Report)and Supreme Court First Amendment lawyer Cy Rembar(who wrote "The End of Obscenity: The Trials of Lady Chatterley," "Tropic of Cancer" and "Fanny Hill" by the lawyer who defended them). A writer herself, she has memorialized her relationship with Hunter and a couple of other male writers in the first two of her four-volume memoir, entitled "Keep This Quiet." She is currently working in collaboration with Ron Whitehead on an upcoming illustrated book, entitled "Hunter Thompson's Hells Angels: Writers' & Editors, Romance & Trouble," which will reprint and contextualize the letters between Harrell and Thompson.

See also: https://margaretharrell.com