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Burnt Podcast


Burnt Podcast
18 MINMAY 11
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Plandemic talk starts around 7 minutes.

Start of talking a little about how weed can help you remember your dreams the next day.

How people are taking advantage of the current viral situation, bad actors are anyone who picks a party without seeing the system is the problem.

Life is a result of huge patterns and cycles outside the reach of us mere mortals.

What is going on with gas prices, no one is buying, but the price is still pretty high, relatively speaking.

Google it, the problem with using search engines that are driven and controlled by profit motives.

If you look at recent news you are always going to get a bias for the current times, but if a story is old, news from the past at the time it happen will be a little more accurate.

There are different ways this can go, the lady was arrested, but that seems like it was just a IP issue that might have been about money rather than theft. It sounds like she wanted to stop selling the tests that came out of her faulty research, but the company wanted to stop. She seemed to be a legit, trustworthy scientist at the time.

Youtube used to be more free, but now it is more of a control mechanism of the machine.

Talk a little about buying Bitcoin/etherium and the halving.

Who knows what is going on with the world.