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Burnt Podcast


Burnt Podcast
32 MINJUN 17
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Ace up your sleeve, try not to deceive.

Just playing with some rhymes.

This is burnt podcast, these are weird times.

Reality has changed, but it is always changed, we are really leaving in a different time now.

It’s all a different place and a different time.

In the city, there are no horizons, you can only look up, because everything else is hidden behind buildings. In the suburbs they sky is almost like a dome, you can look in all directions and see stars at night.

If you don’t look at your phone, you might get lost, but you probably know where you are going, so you don’t need to phone as much as you think.

Talking about the sky being a sort of dome again.

In the city you are compartmentalized, if you had a house and drove a car, it might be different, but the city is structured in such a way that it makes you smaller and a gear in a system, rather than something that is free. Sort of like path dependency.

Reify means to make something real, path dependency is a sort of choice of what you have made real, so then the choices you make control what is possible.(good place to split)

In a way, path dependency is the configuration choices you have made over time, and it defines in time, what is possible for your reality.

So many choices are almost hidden from us, we don’t realize we are making them, they just sort of happen, maybe mostly as we are kids?

My daughter is living in the suburbs these days, after being used to living in the city for so long, this is all a different experience for her.

We use relative language, we describe things in relative terms, but that isn’t describing the things themselves, its describing them compared to other things.

Breakout out of this mental mental construct, a really bad rap/rhyme.

Declarative states, all declarative statements are prefixed by “I believe..”

Reflection on a comment I wrote on YouTube, I wrote something I didn’t really believe.

Crossed the street without waiting for a cross walk, different from the city maybe?

There is more space in the suburbs, things are freer to be defined in-themselves.

The future of cities, is smart cities, its sold as something that is cool, and maybe it is cool, but it is about taking away your freedoms in away. Cities are more fixed, so is actions, or the way you think.

Cities will be more community based, they will tell you how to think and behave, great for collectivity.

The future is going to be a revolution of sorts, you have to play games in there. Costs and benefits of living in the city. Outside of the city will be a wasteland, at least that is what you will think.

You need to believe that what you don’t have is worse, cause otherwise you will accept what you have even if it sucks. But it’s not better, or worse, it’s just different.

How do you break out of this structure? Within our minds?

More about the interface, how does this related to the multiverses?

If you were to change your life, or jump to another reality in the multiverse, you loose everything you have. (Clip it?)

Maybe we are being tracked while we walk around, are they tracking us with planes at night to see where we are?

When you go to another reality, it’s real to the people there.

If you do something wrong in someone else interface, they need to experience it. So maybe it could be evil or bad, or messing up someones life?

Assistive technology, helps you interact with reality.

Mostly your body only is real interactions, everything beyond that is assertive technology.

Looking at the moon, does it exist when I’m not looking at it? Have I reified the moon?

The stars aren’t always in the same places like other things we might see around us. We don’t look at the sky so much, so its less solid/real then other things?