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Burnt Podcast
34 MINMAY 14
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Elon Musk starts around 15:22 minutes

4th turning and Bitcoin 25 minutes

The doors of perception was a book that I once read.

YouTube can delete videos that are bad for their bottom line, this sounds like a way to control the content and the voices you can hear online.

The Internet is the greatest tool for communication, but also a great tool for controlling what people can say.

Everything is the same, all through time, we keep on repeating, but in a different way, like everything stays the same but the content is changing.

Binary oppositions, we are forced to see things as one thing or another, but that is never truly the case, things are always a whole bunch of things at once.

Radar map of an idea, there are many poles instead of two.

Can you step into the same river twice? I don’t think so, it is never the same river because it is always changing. Let’s think about this when it comes to technology, maps, but even instant feed from a satellite overhead would never be current. Everything is historical.

Google maps are historical, google maps is the past, so it’s not that place anymore, it is always changing.

Technology can never be instantaneous, we are always looking at the past.

Our conversations are always about us talking past each other, our views are different for the same thing, but there is something under there that is the same thing.

We get caught up in what we think we know, and what we think is true.

Maybe I am channelling something, this is just that.

The gods used to exist in a different way, but now they still exist, but their way is different.

Elon Musk is a god, in a way, but Musk is actually channelling something from somewhere else.

Musk has been given permission from the hidden powerful people to bring us technology that has great potential.

Maybe a better life is possible, but all the technology is hidden, but we don’t know about it, we could live a different life if we were able to.

The Ishmael track is running again in my mind, I’m coming back to an idea that has passed through my mind in the past.

Consensus reality ->  We all agree about what reality could be and is. We all believe it, so it is what is, even if something else is out there. What most of us believe is true, rather than what is ‘actually’ true.

We can look at things differently, we can be the change we wish to see in the world, but you have to convince the rest of the world around you?

This is a Burnt Podcast, just like a walk talk? This conversation is more mature and better developed than previous ones, but it will still take some work.

Share info is about finding the right people to share with.

I learnt about the 4th turning last night, part of that is a wealth exchange from the old to the young. This is where Bitcoin comes into play. Young people are buying bitcoin now, but at some point in the future, people will realize it’s necessary. Then everyone will rush into it, but it will be difficult for old people and easy for the young, so the young will ‘win’ in the exchange for this new way of doing things.

Bitcoin as a store of value in the future, and maybe even now, but later it will grow, and will still be a store of value, but it will grow substantially in the middle. Old people will buy it for stability rather than growth because by the time everyone gets in, it will be store rather than a growth asset.

The great levelling is upon us, or is it? Maybe this is 1930's over again, maybe this is a restart or a refresh. Things can happen again once the people who were alive the first time are gone. It is sort of like there memory of it prevents it from happening?

Life is always changing.