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Bought some bitcoin.

Very Strong weed, don’t realize it if you are smoking all the time.

The great level, but then every time I start talking, a plane flies over.

The city is always loud, that’s a thing.

Buying some ethereum.

Bitcoin + ethereum could create the network for a transactions (lightnig like network).

The store of value bitcoin, and ethereum is the transaction layer.

Hyperinflation is coming, it will be away to erase all the debts the governments around the wold hold.

30 year mortgages, who wants that? A house should cost 3 times your yearly income, if it is more than that, that isn’t affordable.

The rich will stay rich, but there will be a growing middle class, around the whole world though, so wealthy countries will get poorer, and poor countries will get richer. It will create a world middle class, but by doing that peoples stander of living will go up and down, depending on where they are right now.

Serious pasties.

Walking in a nice neighbourhood, the houses were so nice, but then I couldn’t afford that with a 30 year mortgage. Life is unfair if you think about it.

Regular people are looking at 30 year mortgages, debt slavery, to a lord, who is a bank or a system.

Modern feudalism.

Context shift, go somewhere else to change your mind.

Great levelling happens after globalism, globalism is sort of an equalizer for china.

So middle class living jobs, shift from one country to another, the other country gets to build up something new.

The rich are a different group of people, you can be rich with positive thinking.

Nice house, what is 3 years times your income? I can’t seem to do math, you should be able to pay off a house in 9 years?

I can’t afford a 10x my income house, but that is what is available.

Most people don’t know this levelling is coming.

The boomers good a good deal, they got house and could pay off their mortgages.

My friend is one generation before me, because I was at least 3 years behind him in getting started.

There was a time, about 10 years ago, prices were half of what they are now, so a whole pile of people are locked out of the market.

There are different levels of class, maybe the levelling means that the fake millionaires lose in the levelling.

Bitcoin is the solution to the levelling, but really know if that is the solution?

Governments won’t be able to solve the next crisis, there will need to be an equalizer.

Most people live to the maximum of their affordability, but it’s like a machine, if the machine stops working, then the system can’t support things anymore.

Technocratic solutions.

This all comes down to a failure of our institutions.

This is the burn podcast.

In the future, features could have a cost, once the cost target was met, then the feature would be built.

Maybe that could be a business plan.

I found some books and took two of them and left 10$.