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Burnt Podcast


Burnt Podcast
27 MIN2019 AUG 29
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In this second episode we talk about layers of experience, flashes of light, is it a plane or lightning? Are dreams real, maybe life is a dream that you wake up into the same place? But then again, life isn't a dream, we know this. What about cause and effect? Is the world build on our ideas about it? Are tetrahedrals the building blocks of life? The world is changing, we are changing. Maybe the city is a war on our mind, going inside changes our perspective and makes things more real? The smaller a space, the more precise our thoughts need to be.  We measure things to make them real, magic numbers, 3:33, 12:34. Is there a war on history, how do we know the truth? A moral disorder, did science take away the magic, measurements makes real. A better life is possible, an already built house is better than one in the works. This is the burnt podcast.