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35 MIN2017 NOV. 28
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Today Felicia is joined by Norwegian knitwear designer Linda Marveng. With a background in architectural history, Linda’s design work is stunningly sleek, fashion-forward, and often highly textured with intricate cables. Linda has had several dream jobs in the yarn industry including working for Rowan as a design consultant and also at Loop (a heavenly yarn shop in Islington, London). In 2012, Linda published a Norwegian knitting book of patterns called To rett en vrang Designstrikk.

Please join us today as Felicia chats with Linda about how she transitioned from working for various yarn companies to designing her own knitwear visions.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • 1:55 Felicia and Linda chat about the Kathe Cardigan using SweetGeorgia’s Superwash Sport forInterweave Knits
  • 2:26 Linda shares how she learned how to knit as a child in school
  • 4:11 Discussing Linda’s educational background in Art History and how she found her way back to the knitting world
  • 8:26 How Linda got her job as a design consultant for Rowan and the role she played for the company
  • 13:40 Felicia and Linda talk about her time working for Loop in London
  • 16:32 Linda discusses how her previous experiences helped influence her knitwear design career and process
  • 19:42 Chatting about the process and vision behind the patterns in Linda’s book: To rett en vrang Designstrikk
  • 25:09 Felicia asks Linda about the intricate and challenging nature of her textured and detailed patterns
  • 27:42 The ladies chat about the recent resurgence in popularity of knitting in Europe
  • 30:47 What projects Linda has in store for the future
  • 32:58 Where you can find Linda and her designs online
  • 34:00 Felicia’s final notes and podcast giveaway!

Links and Things

Here’s where to find Linda online: