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We Talk Comics
53 MIN2019 JUN 13
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Part 1 with Dave Sim available here.

The We Talk Comics podcast is back for round 2 of our explosive interview with the legendary Canadian cartoonist Dave Sim.

On this episode we get all of Dave Sim's thoughts on what happened between him and Bone creator Jeff Smith. Plus, the fallout that occurred. Dave gives his perspective on the incident. This includes how he still doesn't understand what he said that offended Jeff Smith's wife Vijaya Iyer. Dave also goes into why he believes that he was treated unfairly by the comic book industry afterwards. It's a frank discussion from the point of view of the Cerebus the Aardvark creator.

This leads into further philosophical discussions on the willingness, or lack there of, of people to freely exchange thoughts and opinions. Dave Sim, of course, has plenty of thoughts on this topic.

Also, Dave explains some of his more controversial opinions on feminism and there effect on society. These are not widely held beliefs by many, but we certainly respect Dave Sim's right to freely speak them.

And Dave also tells us a few other things, like why he doesn't trust Amazon and Comixology. Also, why comic book creators still aren't given the rights they should be.

This is another fascinating listen, and we encourage your feedback in the comments section. We also want to thank Dave Sim for his generous time given, and hope you all enjoy the show. We promise it's a wild ride.

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