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MnM Hockey Podcast


MnM Hockey Podcast
90 minJUL 21
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Alex and Chace are back for another week of hockey. This was recorded a few weeks back, however, the content stays the same. Alex and Chace are drafting players to a team based on what the next five seasons will look like. The goal is like any NHL team's goal, to win the Stanley Cup. This Fantasy Draft has three rounds where the guys need to factor in all kinds of things.
What positions are the best to take? When will the first goalie be selected in the draft? How to balance a team roster and the new players? Balancing young vs old as well as the potential that a player could bring to the table. Taking in all of these things are important when looking at what teams may need. You can also find the whole draft here. Who do you think went too high or too low? Did Alex and Chace miss anyone completely? Tune in for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast!