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MnM Hockey Podcast


MnM Hockey Podcast
58 minJUL 30
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Alex and Chace are back and they have plenty to talk about as the NHL Qualifying round is about to get underway. The week has been packed with news to take a look at. To start, the guys give their thoughts on what the bubble has been like. As well as what they think of the NHL arena looks.
After that, they start looking through all of the previews. Not only breaking down the teams but also giving their predictions for what may lead a team to win or lose in said series. They also look at the biggest talking points for each team. One of the massive talking points was Arizona Coyotes General Manager John Chayka resigning from the team. What does that mean for the Coyotes going forward?
Finally, Alex and Chace give their thoughts on the Seattle Kraken. What they like or dislike about the name, logo, and jersey. Tune in for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast!