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MnM Hockey Podcast


MnM Hockey Podcast
90 minAPR 17
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The guys are back with another week of content! Last week, they looked at the top 20 NHL wingers. Now, they are back to look at the Top 20 NHL defencemen. This was the hardest list for both Alex and Chace to create. Mostly because there are so many different things that can go into evaluating a defenceman. Eye test, different statistics, and more. This is by far the most different their lists have been up to this point.
As always, they start with some honourable mentions. People who just missed the cut but very well could be here on next year's list. Next, they look at 20-15, where there are some similarities. Alex favours a certain type of player more than Chace does. However, as the list goes on, Alex has some players much lower than Chace has them ranked. 
The biggest question per usual is, how much of this season should be taken into account vs the past two seasons? Alex and Chace debate it and explain why they have some guys so much higher or so much lower. Tune in for all of this and more, with the MnM Hockey Podcast! On Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud, and anywhere you get your podcasts.