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Improv Comedy Connection

Whit Shiller

Improv Comedy Connection
69 min2020 SEP 20
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In episode 8, Whit talks with Anna Ong. Anna is a Singapore based Storyteller and Improviser. Anna's first exposure to live storytelling came while performing at an improv show in with The Magnet in New York City in 2018. That experience led to others, including at The Moth in NYC and with the Story District in Washington DC. Today she is the creator, host and producer of What’s Your Story Slam, a live storytelling competition show based in Singapore that focuses promoting a culture of personal storytelling and a consultant using storytelling, applied improvisation, and other disciplines to assist businesses achieve more. We discuss what goes into a good story, but also what goes into a good show. Given the basic human connection to story, these insights can impact improvisers, stand ups, and communicators of all types.