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Improv Comedy Connection

Whit Shiller

Improv Comedy Connection
87 min2020 NOV 8
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Today's new episode features Jonathan Pitts! In this episode, Whit talks with Jonathan - an award-winning, international improv theatre artist, creator, director, producer, and teacher from Chicago. He's been improvising for over 35 years, and has been involved in founding and directing important festivals and experiences like the Chicago Improv Festival and the College Improv Tournament. We talk tech, we talk the global improv community, we talk technique, and we talk about improv - all drawing on Jonathan's deep experience and interest in making connections across the globe with improv. You can connect with Jonathan on the web at JonathanPittsImprov.com & GlobalImprovWalkabout.com or on social media: Facebook: Jonathan Pitts Instagram: @pitts5038 Twitter: @jpitts_28