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Cash Car Convert

James Kinson

Cash Car Convert
35 min2015 JAN 27
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I want to start off the show talking about my pastor's current series at Gateway Church, the Blessed Life. It is an awesome series and I would recommend anyone give it a listen. It will change your life. It is based on Pastor Robert Morris' best selling book of the same name.

The Blessed Life: http://gatewaypeople.com/articles/blessed-life

As part of this series, we as a church body are being challenged to "Bless a Life". I speak to ideas we were given for blessing others. I would encourage you as a listener to this show to bless a life this week. It can be something small. Sometime the small things have have the greatest impact.

Bless a Life: http://cashcarconvert.com/blessalife

If you bless a life this week, let me know. Drop me an e-mail at  james@cashcarconvert.com.

My wife and I were driving back from Dallas last weekend, January 17, and we have been kicking around the idea of buying a third car for quite sometime. We had a third car for about 6 years between 2004 and 2010. It is handy even for just keeping up with auto maintenance of one's two everyday cars.

My wife pulled up AutoTrader and started searching for cars that might be a good fit for our families third car.

I have been leaning toward either something really practical or something that would be fun to drive. My wife by comparison does like the idea of a fun car, but would really like to get maybe some kind of minivan or SUV with a third seat to make our long drives from DFW to Atlanta be a little more comfortable. Currently, we drive my truck on all our long distance trips, which is fairly comfortable, but all our luggage is inaccessible while moving due to being in the back of the truck.

My wife went through a number of "fun" car searches looking for something we might both like to drive. We kept playing with the search terms until we were happy with the results.

As she searched, she found a car that sounded great. A 1999 Mercedes SLK230. This car was just exactly what someone like me would be looking for.


One owner

AutoCheck showed this car to be a much better than average condition

All records

Never wrecked

New Tires (Michelin)

New interior ($3,000)

Low miles for age (106,000)

Reasons for selling (bought a newer version of the same car)

Depreciation from this point forward will be very slow if any at all. This car will hold its value for a long time to come.


No backseat

Manual 5 speed transmission

Purchased new in another state

Maintenance/repairs costlier than an average car since this is a Mercedes

Despite all the good things about his car, we ultimately decided not to buy due to our 4 year old daughter. We didn't feel good about her being in this car even in her car seat. The car is so small and the car seat would have to be in the front seat, as that is no back seat. She wouldn't be as safe as we would want.

We further thought we wouldn't use this car enough given this limitation.

I'm sure this car will serve someone very well.

Lastly, I would appreciate your vote for my podcast in the podcast awards.

Podcast Awards: http://cashcarconvert.com/podcastawards

God Bless You!


AutoTrader Mercedes SLK230: http://bit.ly/1C4rBoG

AutoCheck Mercedes SLK230: http://bit.ly/1yjo4uZ

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