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Cash Car Convert

James Kinson

Cash Car Convert
46 min2015 APR 18
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Hey converts!

Today's guest is on due to a Facebook post. Wild, right? Well, I was so impressed with the post that I knew I had to have this person on.

Lucky for me, she was kind enough to agree to be on the show. She has an awesome story and I know you will be inspired and blessed by her story.

We are blessed today to have Amy Robles from Woman Enriched. Amy and her husband wanted to pay off their debt. Things got off to a slow start, but they then discovered Dave Ramsy's show and his Financial Peace University education. That changed their trajectory. They wound up paying off $25,000 of credit car debt in 2014.

She continues to work on her student loan debt, but I know with the way she is willing to sacrifice combined with her creative mind, she will succeed.

All of that is amazing, but now to why she is on my show.
You know what to find out, you just have to listen.