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Cash Car Convert

James Kinson

Cash Car Convert
35 min2015 JUN 21
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What a great show we have today!

Today, we have a young lady, Lauren Bowling, on who was a theater major and graduated with no student loan debt. Her parents made sure she had no student loans. The foe of most every college student got her though, credit cards. She finished college with thousands in debt and a dream.

Lauren Bowling dreamed of being an actor in New York city. With $300 and her dream, she left home for New York.

Soon after she arrived between the debt and lack of acting jobs, Lauren was forced to take an administrative job at a hedge fund company. Lauren spent her time there paying down her debt and learning from the fiscally responsible people working at the hedge fund.

After Lauren paid off her debt, she started to pursue her acting, only to find she didn't really enjoy it. She didn't really love the audition process. She said her nerves would often get the best of her. She often didn't perform at her best.

Lauren decided to head back home and take up residence with her parents. Lauren didn't stay with her parents' house too long. She received a bonus from the hedge fund and decided to put it towards a house.

Lauren's dream house quickly turned to a house of horrors when her home repairs outstripped her home repair loan and she found herself in $8,000 in debt. Reeling from a recent breakup and in debt Lauren spent a year finding her equilibrium.

In 2015, Lauren regained her footing, she got serious about her. Lauren set up a plan to pay off $8,000 in 90 days. Lauren hit her goal of paying off $8,000 in 90 days.

How you might ask did she do this?

It turns out Lauren had started a blog, L Bee and the Money Tree to discuss money and her journey with it back in 2012. She also started doing some free lance writing. She over the next two years and 2,000 blog posts, she built her reputation. She also built a know like and trust factor with her audience.

It was the free lance writing that allowed her to  accelerate the pay off of her debt. She also discovered something else. She discovered she could make enough hustling as a free lance writer to leave her day job.

What started off as a problem, a house with excessive repair bills, resulted in an opportunity to leave her day job and pursue a new life.

Lauren also shared a personal story of a shopping addiction. She spoke of how shopping was comfort for what she felt lacking. She attended therapy sessions to get control of her addiction.

I thought it was brave of her to tell this personal story on my show. I believe her bravery in sharing this story, will touch someone out there who needed to hear her story.

Give this episode a listen, I know you'll enjoy!


L Bee and the Money Tree: http://www.lbeeandthemoneytree.com

Lauren Bowling YouTube Channel (Awkward Money Chat: https://www.youtube.com/user/LBeeMoneyTree

 Start with Why - Simon Senik: http://www.amazon.com/Start-Why-Leaders-Inspire-Everyone/dp/1591846447/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1434770697&sr=8-1&keywords=start+with+why

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