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Cash Car Convert

James Kinson

Cash Car Convert
43 min2015 AUG 21
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Steve Stewart back on the Cash Car Convert show to tell his Cash Car Story.

Okay, Steve agreed to be on to get me back behind the microphone. The things some people will do to help a friend. He continues to be a great supporter of this show. I'm humbled and appreciate his support.

Let's just say he has "bought" into the cash car lifestyle.

It was great to see Steve at the Podcast Movement 2015 in Fort Worth, Texas.  We didn't get to hang out too much, but it was great to see him and his cash car.

He does have a great cash car story and we will get to it now.

Steve bought a cash car in Dallas Texas in April this year. This wasn't a typical transaction. Steve lives in St. Louis!

Why did Steve come to Dallas to buy his cash car?

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It all started when I posted a Craigslist ad on the Cash Car community page on Facebook on April 2nd.

Steve's response to my post was the following, "an I send you a check and a little extra for your trouble to look at it for me? I'm 75% serious here (and it's no longer April Fools Day)."

Steve and I spoke on the phone and agreed I would look at the car for him.

I went to look at the car and liked what I saw. I also spent about an hour plus at Christian Brother's Automotive having the car looked over by professional mechanics. This is a service Christian Bother's offers for about ninety dollars.

While they did find a few things that long term needed attention, their overall assessment was this is a sound vehicle. The mechanic went out of his way to tell me the late 90's Honda Civics have historically been great cars. He called a Civic sweet spot.

I called Steve and after a lengthy conversation, he agreed to buy the car if we could get some price relief. The car was originally priced at $3,800. Steve finally purchased it for $3,400. A little more than a 10% discount. To be fair Steve had to buy a plane ticket to travel to Dallas and had other expenses.

When all was said and done, Steve was out $4,000.

Steve is on today's show to talk about how the car has been performing since April.

I won't steal Steve's thunder, but he has had this car on the highway traveling between Dallas and St. Louis, St. Louis and Fort Worth and back, and St. Louis to Philadelphia and back. He has had this car on the highway for an estimated total of over 40 hours. That's a lot of time on the road.

To me, this is important because most people are happy to drive their $4,000 car around town, but would be afraid to take a 10 hour one way trip. This car has held up to the demands put on it.

1998 Honda Civic EX as advertised on Craigslist.



Steve Stewart's cash car parked in Fort Worth at Podcast Movement 2015. Note the Cash Car Convert bumper sticker.

Give this episode a listen, I know you'll enjoy Steve Stewart's Cash Car Story!