Fire Drill

Julie Berninger

Fire Drill
34 MIN2019 MAR 6
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Want a career that involves travel?

Teaching offers exactly that.

Sarah was born a traveller and knew she wanted to have a career that took her across the globe ever since she was a kid. She went into teaching and moved to China, where the low cost of living made it easy to save and travel. She then grew her side hustle of freelance writing to her full time gig and moved to the US with her husband and baby boy.

You'll love her story.

We also chat about...

Advice for others interested in teaching overseas

What it was like to give birth overseas

Teaching overseas in China

How she planned moving to the US

How she grew her freelance writing side hustle to her full time job

The importance of setting boundaries

Her current FI goals

For show notes and takeaways: https://www.firedrillpodcast.com/my-journey-teaching-in-china-to-freelance-writing-in-the-us-sarah-li-cain