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TMO aka Thomas Morgan

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Today TMO looks at 7-Eleven NNN cap rates, two recent 7-11's he closed, several active for sale triple net 7-Elevens and other 7-11 NNN sold comps. 7-Eleven NNN deals produce stable and secure long term income for your 1031 exchange or as a passive income addition to your portfolio. More in this video: 00:00 7-11 Triple Net Investments 00:23 1031 Navigator 1031 Exchange 01:11 secure passive income 01:31 Income, Impact, Return - Investing 02:00 Two recent sold 7-Eleven NNN Deals 02:16 7-11 NNN For Sale Chicago 05:47 Demographics - How to invest in the best areas 06:18 7 Eleven Triple Net for Sale Texas 07:56 Traffic Counts - effects on investment 10:11 7-11 NNN Pros and Cons 10:27 7-11 price per square foot 11:59 7-Eleven be careful of historical environmental condition 14:02 7-11 NNN Pros 14:13 absolute net - no landlord responsibilities 14:23 rock solid "A" rated tenant credit 7-Eleven 14:41 15 year lease brand new 7-11 property for sale 15:07 high residual value equity preservation 15:49 7-11 cap rates similar to other NNN property cap rates 16:13 environmental indemnification investor protection 16:36 rent increases - inflation protection 17:00 7-11 financing - easy to get non-recourse loans 17:47 Mailbox Money - 7-11 NNN passive income 18:00 Is 7-Eleven an Essential Business? 18:42 7-11 Triple Net 18:53 7-Eleven Cap Rates 19:31 Crime Reports Due Diligence 20:00 NNN Property Due Diligence 20:59 7-Eleven Property Prices 21:40 7-11 For Sale CA 21:51 7-11 For Sale CO 22:02 7-11 for Sale SC 22:50 7-Eleven NNN Properties For Sale for 1031 Exchange 23:01 text or call Thomas @ personal/direct number 23:12 7-11 NNN off market deals - 7-11 developers - 7-11 brokers 24:10 7-Eleven NNN Cap Rates 24:58 7-11 FL Triple Net For Sale 25:45 Buy a 7-11 NNN for sale 25:50 Ask a free 1031 exchange NNN question 26:02 Free 1031 exchange consultation 26:16 1031 Navigator - 1031 exchange replacement properties 26:17 impact investments - triple bottomline investments 26:34 compound.global income impact return 26:58 learn or ask about impact investments 27:25 talk to Thomas directly (personal cell phone) Ask your own 1031 exchange, triple net, passive income or other commercial investment real estate question at http://1031navigator.com/ask or leave a direct voicemail at the listener hotline at 970-300-1994 Get FREE answers to your most pressing 1031 and real estate investing questions. Thanks for watching! Your host, Thomas Morgan, CCIM 1031 Navigator helps investors nationwide find the best 1031 Exchange replacement properties in the shortest amount of time. Our focused expertise, experience and daily triple net NNN market presence enables clients to complete their 1031 Exchanges with peace of mind and certainty. NNN properties provide low risk passive income. 1031 Navigator has been involved with over a billion dollars of 1031 Exchange NNN Properties in over 35 states. 1031 Navigator is a service of Andrus & Morgan Co., a national commercial and investment real estate brokerage specializing in 1031 exchanges into passive income and triple net NNN investments. For a free, no-obligation 1031 Exchange NNN Property Strategy session for your 1031 Exchange visit: http://www.1031navigator.com ------------------------------- This show is a collaboration. Without you the listener, it would not be possible. We welcome your participation and would love to feature you on the show: Listener Hotline: 970-300-1994 or visit https://compound.global/talk _______________________________________ This is show is brought to you by TMO and COMPOUND | global an impact investment studio. We ask ourselves everyday: "What Good Shall I Do This Day?" What the F are you doing? As always, make sure to check with your legal or tax advisor before relying on this information. This is show is for informational purposes only and is provided without warranty. Common sense is the best practice.