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TMO aka Thomas Morgan

15 minOCT 9
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How to create and source your own impact investments? Today TMO curates bespoke investments that make money and help the environment and people at the same time. What if you could invest in what you love and care about and make money at the same time? Today TMO uses Mark Ruffalo's, aka the Hulk, social feeds to curate and create impact investments based on Mark's interests, advocacy and causes he cares about. We focus on income, impact and return. To get your own custom impact investment strategy session go to compound.global/custom Covered in this show: 00:20 impact investment studio: create, source, manage impact investments 00:39 20 years, $1billion experience 00:44 invest in what you love 01:14 bespoke investment / custom investment 01:30 curated investments 01:59 disclaimer - Mark Ruffalo is not yet a client 02:51 private impact investment strategy @ compound.global/custom 03:16 warning - LOL - TMO is not a stalker!!!! 03:47 assessing interests: wikipedia, instagram, twitter 06:41 MLK Quote 07:00 new form of capitalism 0 impact investing 07:13 stakeholder capitalism 07:26 investment criteria: activism, anti-fracking, voting, health, fundraising, youth, natives, BLM, climate, LGBT, peace, truth, Kenosha 07:30 investment curation process 08:03 activism investment, kenosha investment, health investment, fossil fuel divesting 08:15 legacy investing, investing for kids, nature, planet, peace 09:04 activism and awareness investment: media company, tech company, health investment 09:42 anti oil gas investment, anti fracking investment, fossil fuel divesting 10:05 alternative energy investments, green investments, wind investments, solar investments, EV charging investments 10:40 Opportunity Zone Investing: Kenosha / WI investment 11:00 opportunity zone investment overview - tax benefits 11:25 VC fund / equity investments 11:37 income, impact, return: financial returns, social returns, environmental returns 12:19 Deal $ Size: $50k, $500k, $2M to $10M 12:38 amplify investment 10X with institutional investors $20M, $100M, $200M, $500M Impact??? 13:56 custom impact investment examples - investing in what you love _______________________________________ This show is a collaboration. Without you, the viewer/listener, it would not be possible. We welcome your participation and would love to feature you on the show: Listener Hotline: 970-300-1994 or visit compound.global/talk _______________________________________ This is show is brought to you by TMO and compound.global, an impact investment studio. We ask ourselves everyday: "What Good Shall I Do This Day?" What the F are you doing? #impinv #impactinvestment #triplebottomline #investments #climatechange #kenosha #markruffalo #hulk #activism #legacy #vc #opportunityzones #equity #capital #techinvesting #realestate #income #wind #solar #greeninvestment