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Paisa Vaisa with Anupam Gupta

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Paisa Vaisa with Anupam Gupta
42 min2020 DEC 21
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In this week's episode of 'Paisa Vaisa', Host Anupam Gupta is joined by Shobhit Bhaskaran, COO Loan@Home product, Muthoot Finance. Muthoot Finance provides gold loans on extremely easy terms and conditions to people of each segment of the society. Anupam and Shobhit talk about Gold as a commodity or Gold Loans in India. They discuss what are gold loans?; how do they work?; who are the eligible people to take a gold loan?; Do people need to have a credit score for the gold loan?; What is the interest rate on gold loans and what are the various tenure for it? They further discuss why gold loans are useful?; what has been the trend in the pandemic?; What happens if anybody defaults?; What if gold prices crash? All this and much more on this episode of Paisa Vaisa.

You can know more about Muthoot Finance: (https://www.muthootfinance.com/)
Twitter: @TheMuthootGroup (https://twitter.com/TheMuthootGroup)
Instagram: @themuthootgroup (https://www.instagram.com/themuthootgroup/)
Linkedin: (https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-muthoot-group/)

You can follow Shobhit on social media:
Instagram: @sobhitbhaskaran (https://www.instagram.com/sobhitbhaskaran/)
Linkedin: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sobhit-bhaskaran-4a17a311/)

Get in touch with our host Anupam Gupta on Twitter: @b_50 (https://twitter.com/b50)

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