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53 MIN2015 JUL 2
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This week we welcome entrepreneur, hustler, and professional wrestler Martin Dasko. Martin started earning money at the ripe age of 11, and has never slowed down. Learn how he makes his living (and has fun) writing, traveling, and competing in the squared circle.

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* Martin as The Latin Lover (YouTube video)

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Full Transcript

Eric Rosenberg: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome back to the Personal Profitability Podcast. I’m your host as always, Eric Rosenberg. And I have a very special guest here with me today. He is not just a finance and side-income expert. He could also body slam you and do many other painful things. So, I am speaking of none other than the famous Latin Lover himself, Martin Dasko. Say hello, Martin.

Martin Dasko: Hey, how’s it going? I’m not sure how famous I am yet, but I already feel famous it’s just that it’s time for the world to figure it out.

Eric: We’ll get you there for sure. This helps you know. We’re getting you on the audio, the internet radio, I guess we could say that with podcast.

Martin: I hope that your fame rubs off on me a little bit.

Eric: So, a little background on Martin for everybody. I’ve known for Martin for a few years. We are in a mastermind group together, which is a group I’m in, there’s four of us in my group. And we get together. We email once a week and have a couple of audio video calls a month. And we talk about the projects we are working on and the businesses we have. And try to help each other succeed, give each other motivation. I know Martin pretty well. He is actually also going to be my roommate at the upcoming FinCon this year which is uber fun.

First Side Income Projects

Eric: So, let’s start with some of the more boring stuff and then we’ll get to the exciting stuff, so you keep listening. So, Martin started… Can you tell us how you started with your first side income project?

Martin: Well, I don’t think it’s boring. That’s not really nice Mr. Eric. I find it to be exciting. If you mean my first side income, it was selling chocolates when I was in Grade 7. I worked for a company and then we went door-to-door selling chocolates. I would sell a box of chocolate for $3 and I would keep a dollar profit.

Eric: That’s pretty cool. So 33% of your sales you got to keep. If you didn’t picked that up everyone, Martin is in Canada where they say Grade 7 not 7th Grade, a little different.

Martin: Oh, sorry.

Eric: It always funny to me the little differences of Canada and the US, but pretty similar. So, 7th Grade. That make you about 12 years old when you were doing that?

Martin: Yeah. About 11, 12 maybe 13. You know I wish I had some emotional story.