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27 MIN2018 JUN 20
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CRM technologies are being used across multiple industries as a means of better managing a company's relationship with current and potential customers, and when it comes to the real estate industry, Click to Cloud is quickly establishing itself as a dominant player.

In this episode of PropTech Pulse, directors of Click to Cloud David Harrison and Peter Hutchison join co-host Nick Bouris to share why they saw the need for the creation of such software and discuss the challenges that they faced when designing a CRM for what is such a varied industry.

They will reveal the transparency and ease of use that their system offers, its role in aiding agents, home owners and businesses alike, and discuss the ease of migration to their CRM for those currently using other systems.

David and Peter will also share the details of their integration with real estate group McGrath and discuss how individuals and companies can get involved with using the Click to Cloud CRM.

For more information about Click to Cloud and the service that they are offering, head to www.ctcproperty.com

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