Prosperity Stock Report: Investing in the Canadian Stock Market Exchange

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Prosperity Stock Report: Investing in the Canadian Stock Market Exchange
40 min2017 MAR 2
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James Anderson is the CEO of NuLegacy Gold which is an advanced stage exploration company focused on developing its district-scale Carlin-type oxidized Iceberg gold deposit. James spent 19 years as an investment advisor for various small Canadian brokerage firms including First Canada Capital Partners, Research Capital Corp, and Majendie Securities Ltd. He brings his unique knowledge of the mining exploration business and experience in the corporate finance world.

In this episode, James will talk about the recent growth of NuLegacy Gold and their relationship with the Barrick Gold Corporation. He’ll share gold strike stories, discuss the return of junior mining and the effects President Donald Trump has on the market. Listen to the end to find out the only precious metals on James’ radar.


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Time Stamps:

00:50 - Edward Cope joins NuLegacy

02:05 - Barrick Gold Corporation

04:40 - Gold strike

08:15 - Picking mushrooms

10:32 - Selling off early

15:00 - President Trump & precious metals

17:40 - Junior mining

19:40 - Marijuana market

22:20 - Impeach Trump

25:00 - Kevin O'Leary

26:44 - Investment conference

32:00 - Shooting at the Royal York

34:00 - Airborne drone technology

35:20 - Miners trapped in mine

36:10 - Gold, silver & platinum


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